What is Blended Learning?

19 July 2016

Most courses offered by the i-Academy use ‘blended learning’, in which the face-to-face delivery is complemented by online support.

What does this mean in practice?

If you sign up to one of our courses, you’ll usually be choosing a specific date on which you’re required to attend a training day.

In addition, you’re committing to participating online using our Learning Management System (LMS), both pre and post training day. Pre training day activities might involve some online reading, working through e-learning course content, watching videos, or completing quizzes or surveys which give the tutor a better idea of your background and current level of knowledge.

Post training day online activities include submitting portfolio evidence, which may take the form of Word documents or even videos. You’ll receive feedback on this online from your tutor. In some cases you may need to complete an online assessment achieving a minimum score to pass the course.

There are also online discussion forums allowing you to continue to engage with your tutor and fellow learners after the face-to-face training day.

The real value of blended learning is that it frees up the face-to-face contact time for tutors to focus on activities which really benefit from everyone being in the same room, rather than just presenting information

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